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The introduction and migration of larvae of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa is accompanied by injury and the introduction of microflora into the wounds. This causes acute inflammatory processes. pharyngitis and stomatitis. Then the cardial part of the stomach is invaded, the pathological process here continues for 9-10 months. Inflammation can penetrate into the deeper layers of the walls of the stomach and intestines, and as a result of this, ruptures of the stomach wall occur.

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Clinical signs of gaetrofilosis (stomatitis and pharyngitis) are found in the first stage of the disease.

When examining the oral cavity, filiform, tortuouslarval migration routes. With stomatitis, the act of chewing is disturbed, and with pharyngitis, swallowing water and food is difficult. At the same time, the horses keep their heads in an extended state. The second stage of the disease proceeds without characteristic signs. Violation of digestion, colic-like attacks indicate only the possibility of a disease with this entomosis.

  • The general picture of gadfly invasion is characterized by a decrease in the number of erythrocytes, exhaustion, depression and reduced efficiency of sick horses.
  • The diagnosis is made on the basis of the detection of larvae of the first phase in the oral mucosa, as well as stomatitis and pharyngitis.
  • The presence of gastrophilic gastritis or enteritis during life is usually not established. It is possible to clarify the diagnosis of gastrofilosis by trial treatment of several horses with chlorophos.

To destroy the migrating larvae of the first phase of gadflies in the oral cavity of horses, the mucous membranes of the mouth and pharynx are irrigated with a 2% smoke (according to ADV) solution of chlorophos.

  • In the fight against larvae of the third phase of gastrophiles, animals are fed with a 0.24% solution of chlorophos (after a 20-hour fasting diet) by a group method at the rate of 60 mg/kg.
  • It is advisable to test the dose for tolerance by administering 2-3 horses before administering this method of treatment.
  • The larvae begin to hatch after 20 hours.

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For prophylactic purposes against winged forms of gadflies, the front part of the body of animals is periodically sprayed (after 5-7 days) with a hexachlorane emulsion containing 0.03% of the gamma isomer. Against the eastern gadfly, this method is not effective, since the females of this insect lay their eggs on the grass.

  • If horses are used to obtain koumiss, then they are treated with a 1% solution of chlorophos.
  • During the period of mass flight, gastrophiles practice night grazing and keeping horses in stables during the hot hours of the day.
  • A person becomes infected through contact with a horse.

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The disease is a variety of Larva migrans. The larvae of the gastric gadfly migrate in the epidermis of the skin, making a course up to 30 cm long in a day. Larvae for a long time (up to 2-2.5 months) can migrate in the Malpighian (basal and spiny) layer of the skin, making a course 3-5 cm long (up to 30 cm) per day.

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Migration is accompanied by severe itching, and its trace looks like a healing scratch, so the disease also has the names "creeping disease", "hairy" (see Skin myiasis). Treatment. the larva is removed from the course by opening its end with a needle or scalpel.

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Occasionally, the larvae of the gastric gadfly parasitize in the human stomach. The mechanism of infection in these cases has not been established. The disease is accompanied by severe and prolonged gastritis (see Intestinal myiasis). Gastrophiliasis in the crossword dictionary.

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These include such diseases of horses as gastrophiles, rinestroses, hypodermatosis, syphunculatosis, bovical disease, simulidetoxicosis, and diseases that occur as a result of a massive and prolonged attack on horses by dipteran hematophagous.

Entomology (Greek entomon - insect, logos - science) is a science that studies the world of insects. Veterinary entomology studies insects that are harmful to animal health and develops measures to combat them. Insects can harm the health of animals as parasites and as carriers of pathogens of infectious and parasitic diseases. Some insects are intermediate or definitive hosts of animal helminths, others cause spoilage of lyrica products.

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